What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo- It can last anywhere from 8-24 months. This varies widely from client to client depending on the skin.

Pigment is deposited into the first layers of skin using a small hand tool called a microblade. We then mimic hair like strokes into the brow area creating a full looking brow.

Do I need a consultation?

You do not require a consultation if you know you want to move forward with the microblading procedure. We will discuss color and map out the shape of your brows for you during the actual microblading appointment and make sure that you are comfortable with the outline before we start the process.

If you are very unsure about microblading, or have any further questions- please book a separate consultation appointment before booking your microblading appointment. Consultations are free of charge.

How many touch ups are needed?

Microblading is done in two steps. After your first appointment, you will need a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks later. This finishes the look of your brows, gives them more definition, color, and fullness. We can also adjust anything that requires attention at your touchup appointment.

After these 2 initial appointments, typically you will need a touch up anywhere from 8-24 months later, depending on how well your skin retains the pigment. It is most common for clients to come on average 1 time per year for a touch up to refresh their brows.

What can I expect while healing?

The majority of your healing will happen within the first 14 days following your procedure. Please note – although it may look healed, it does take a full 4 weeks for the layers of your skin to heal internally. For your safety we can not go back into skin before this time lapses. Your brows will appear darker and bolder during the first 2-5 days following your appointment – from there they will begin to lighten approx 2-3 shades lighter.
Be patient- Everyone heals differently. Some common things that you may notice during the healing period are:

  • Flaking and/or scabbing
  • Itchiness
  • Loss of some strokes/colour.

You may experience all or none of these. Please avoid touching the area and apply your aftercare lotion regularly (2-3 times per day). On some occasions your brows may look like the color is “disappearing” completely – This is normal and will come back through once the skin naturally exfoliates.

Aftercare Instructions

-Apply your after provided aftercare ointment at least (2) times per day for the first 10-14 days

-Avoid getting your brows wet for 7-10 days

-Avoid any excess sweating for 7 days

-Once healed, it is recommended that you apply SPF on your brows before sun and/or tanning bed exposure. Without doing so may result in fading and/ or discoloration of the area.

-Glycolic acid, retin-a, exfoliates and peels should be kept away from the brows, even once healed as they may result in fading in the area.

Can I wear makeup while healing?

We do not recommend any makeup in the brow area for a minimum of (7) days after your procedure. Your skin will still be healing, and there is a higher risk of color migration, and more importantly we want to avoid any bacteria entering the skin. This could lead to infection.

Once your brows are healed, you may wear makeup as normal.

Can I have microblading done while pregnant or nursing?

At Vanity Studio, we do not microblade clients while pregnant or nursing.

Like any tattoo there is a small risk of infection; for this reason risk we have this policy.

What if I have previous microblading from somewhere else?

We require that you book in for a free consultation. At this time we will examine your brows, to make sure you are a suitable candidate for microblading at that time.

If this is your first time with our artists at Vanity Studio, it will be a first time Microblading charge.

Does it hurt?

There is minimal discomfort with our procedures. During your appointment a topical anesthetic will be applied for pain management. Please note that this may vary from person to person, but it is our priority to make this as comfortable as possible. Please let your artist know if you have any other concerns in this category.

How long will it take?

Your microblading appointment will take between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours depending on the brows being designed.

Methods of payment

We accept all forms of payment including cash, debit and credit cards up to any amount for all services.

Why do you take a Credit Card number?

We take a credit card number to secure your appointment time. At Vanity Studio we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Any appointments resulting in a no show; or any appointment cancelled without a minimum 48 hours notice, will result in a 50% charge of the service.