Microblading Services



Semi-permanent brow tattoo that resembles natural brow hair. A consultation with brow measurements catered to your bone structure will be done during this appointment. We will work with you to find the perfect brow shape that will last 8-24 months. Ultimate #VanityVixen

Initial Touch up


The initial touch up is done ideally 4-6 weeks after your first microblading appointment. It will add more depth and dimension to your brows. We will have the chance to adjust colour and shape if needed. This is the last step to complete the over all look of your new brows.

3-12 Month Touch up


This appointment is for anyone needing a brow refresher within a year from your initial touch up. Your brows should be approximately 50% or more faded before booking this appointment. If you are unsure, feel free to email us a picture of your brows or pop in for an artist to assess them!

Microblading 12-24 month touch up


Microblading 2+ year touch up


Brow Bar Services



Vanity Brow Shaping


The Vanity Brow Shaping is a combination of precise waxing and strategic tweezing. This service will give your brows the perfect edge.

Vanity Brow Tinting


Whether you’re looking to even out the colour of your brows or give them a darker look, the Vanity Tinting service will leave you feeling like a #VanityVixen.

Vanity Shape and Tint


This service combines both the Vanity Brow shaping and Vanity Brow Tinting services to give your brows the ultimate vamped up look.

Vanity Henna Brow


Ok Vixens, this service is not for the faint of heart! A major step up from brow tinting, the brow henna will not only tint the brow hairs for up to 5-6 weeks but also tint the skin underneath your hair for up to 2-3 weeks. We will start by mapping out your brows to perfection before applying the Henna. Voila! The perfect brow without makeup!

Vanity Lip Wax Add on


Micropigmentation Services

Micropigmentation brows (Strokes/Shading)


Micropigmentation is a semi permanent tattoo lasting anywhere from 3-5 years. Pigment is deposited lower down in the first section of the skin, giving a longer lasting result. When choosing micropigmentation for your brows, instead of microblading, please note that micropigmentation is more of a filled in “makeup” look than the natural “hair stroke” of microblading.

Initial Touch Up


This touch up is done 4-8 weeks after your original micropigmentation appointment

3-12 Month Touch up


This touch up is done 3-12 months after your last micropigmentation appointment

Micropigmentation 1-3 year touch up


Micropigmentation 3+ year touch up


Lash Services

Luxury Lash Lift + Tint


Lash Tint


Teeth Whitening Services

Teeth Whitening


1 hour service. Results after one treatment